The magazine EDNO is being published since 2008 under the motto ‘one education for all’. In the period until 2010 it was being published monthly and it was financed by the Roma Educational Fund from Budapest.

After one year of pause the editorial stuff of EDNO changed it’s motto in ‘we are all one’ by which the range of topics of the magazine extended on health, employment and housing also. The extension was provided by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway and the Embassy of the Republic of France in Macedonia.

EDNO continues acting towards giving voice to the underprivileged; providing access to and from information of the Roma community; reminding the authorities of the undertaken responsibilities; putting pressure on the them in order to be more effective, more transparent and open for dialogue; raising the quality in reporting about the real problems Roma people and all other citizens of this country face with.

Edno will be present in macedonian media space as the only medium focused on the rights of Roma people, on all marginalized groups, all communities irrespective of their nationality, religion or political orientation. Before all, respect of human rights in general. Because we strongly believe that rights are not given, but gained with birth, because we are all ONE!

With this magazine we want to present things as they really are, before all on field, but also on paper, in laws, through photos, life stories, history…

For better and more virtuous life of us all – One!



National Roma Centrum


Editorial stuff:

Slavica Curčinska

Slavica Tasevska

Katerina Šojic

Ljubica Groydanovska

Aleksandra Dimiškovski


Stuff on field:

Sara Sejfula

Demirša Osmanov

Nurija Dervišoski

Marijan Asanovski