How to get a better life?


“Roma people don’t need to be told that with a permanent employment they will have more benefits in life and better chance for gaining the right to pension” considers Dulber from Shtip

Better education and employment are the solutions for better life of Roma people in Macedonia. This is the opinion of most of the people we asked who were randomly chosen. In order to reach that, according to part of the citizens, the solution is Roma liders who can reach that if they are consequent in their insistence for progress of Roma people in the country.

Here is what, for example, 53 – year old Abaz form Shtip thinks.

“It is the best to work on raising awareness of Roma population because if this tempo continues they won’t reach anywhere. That’s why efforts should be invested in education of Roma children who are studying at the moment, to stay at their schools and to continue their education in high and higher education institutions. Minor marriages should be eradicated because they are a great obstacle for continuing education”.

His co-citizen Dulber (56) says:

“For improvement of the life of Roma community and diminishing poverty and social cases greater work engagement is needed because great part of them live from seasonal jobs. That way they have more free time and don’t want to be engaged 8 hours a day. That’s why they should be told that with a permanent employment they will have more benefits in life, better chance for gaining the right to pension and so on”.


Citizens of Prilep, on the other hand, had short but concrete answers. Many of them still have a lot of hope for improvement of the living standard in state institutions, more precisely the Ministry of Labor and Social policy (MLSP)

Tefik, for example, thinks that with consequent implementation of the social programme of MLSP and with its suppletion. Erdovan says that Roma people should have a good lider and that lider should make efforts and to be more interested in improvement of the condition of Roma people.


The majority of Roma people in Kumanovo that we randomly met and asked if they have concrete solutions how to improve living standard of Roma people in Macedonia consider that the solution is only employment.

Here’s what Seladin D. suggests

“The Government should make an agreement with the bigger private firms so that they can employ Roma people and the companies should get some benefits for every Roma man/woman employed”

Aliriza Demirovski from Kumanovo considers that “all Roma are social cases and unemployed. There should be some employment in order to improve our situation”.

Ibraim Mamutovski also says that “employment is needed and the Government should make something not only for Roma people but for all social cases”.


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