Parents: The Alfi forces beat two minors at Skopje’s fortress Kale


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Two minors, 12 and 17 years old, were beaten and abused by several members of the units for rapid intervention ALFI, as blamed by their parents. The children, who are of Roma nationality, were met by the Alfi in front of the church “St. Spas” at the Skopje’s fortress Kale. The Alfi pressured them to admit that they stole a woman’s purse by using force, kicks, punches and slaps, after which the children ended in the hospital.

– I sent my son to buy some food, we live close by in the barracks, but my son and his cousin were met by the Alfi who started beating them. When I heard about this, we all ran out. The children were beaten and abused about something they had not done; there are 30 witnesses of the Alfi’s brutality, stated Ramiz Useinov, father of Aramando, one of the children, for NOVA’s camera.

The shocked families reported the case in the Helsinki Committee and in the NGO “Ambrela”.

The parents called Ambrela’s offices and asked for help because excessive force was used and the children had done nothing. If a case is not proven, and even if it was, the children shouldn’t be abused and beaten, says Ljatife Shikova from the NGO Ambrela.

The Helsinki Committee, which came to the police station where the hearing of the children was conducted, say that they just begun the procedure, but that they will follow the case until its end.

– We heard serious allegations of abuse of official position, especially, and unfortunately, of abuse by the police towards a minor, for which there are witnesses and medical findings. We are at the beginning of the procedure, what I can say is that we will follow its course, stated Voislav Stojanovski from the Helsinki Committee for NOVA.

The Office for Internal Affairs Skopje says that there are no charges against the police officers, but if the families believe that there is overstepping of the official position they should report it in the internal control of the Ministry for Interior Affairs.

The Helsinki Committee says that this is not the first case where the Alfi have abused their official position and used excessive force. A month and a half ago, Helsinki registered another case of brutally beating by the Alfi at the same place at the church “St. Spas”. The case was reported in the internal control of the Ministry for Interior Affairs, but the officials have not yet made a statement or launched any kind of procedure against the members of the Alfi.

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