What does luxury mean in Macedonia?



Golden jewellery, expensive clocks, wealthy way of life, expensive living or different customs. The definition of luxury is evidently growing proportionally with innovations and the production of luxury goods and pleasures offered more and more by the modern world. However it is being said that the gap between what is being considered as luxury by different people is also growing, because of different views, different customs and especially because of different means condition of people from different societies, states, cities or neighborhoods.


Even Macedonia, as relatively small country, has in the past period of transition and post-transition contributed to bigger poverty and destroying the so called middle class. Now for a small group of people it is luxury to eat another peace of cake, to drive ten instead of four cars and to have a house of over 1000 square meters, instead of the ‘modest’ 500 square meters.


For the others, the more numerous, the luxury is their life, regular payment of bills and public utilities, studying and socializing. It is luxury to feel ill and unfortunately it is more frequently becoming luxury not to feel hungry.


After 20 years of transition and pos-transition reforming, it seems that more and more things are becoming luxury for the citizens of Macedonia, so before New Year’s holidays EDNO decided to ask part of the citizens from four cities/regions – what they consider to be luxury for them.


Essential things are luxury


For example Ersin (25) from Štip thinks that it is luxury to foolishly spend money on things that are not needed for living.


Thirty-six year old Šenaj from Štip reckons that it is luxury to have a luxurious life, flawless living, not to have limits in spending money and to have luxurious cars…


Anything different form the essential things for surviving is luxury, reckons Tefik (28) from Prilep.


His fellow citizen, twenty-nine year old Mejrem, on the other hand, says everything we use in everyday life is luxury.


And Sefedin (51) also from Prilep, shortly defines luxury as – everything that is expensive.


For Fazlija from Kumanovo it is luxury to spend money in barrooms.


While, for Martina, also form Kumanovo it is luxury to have beautiful life, to be able to go shopping and to have good cars.


– To have everything that is enough and to always seek for more. This is how young Kristina (21) from Skopje answered the question what is luxury for her.


For S.S. (44) from Skopje it is luxury to have real friends and confidence in people.


Mediators Sara Sejfula, Marjan Asanovski, Nuri Dervišoski and Demirša participated in making the poll.


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