Prilep will start employing, Gazi Baba will train about employment


Different fights in the same battle

The municipality of Prilep will employ, while Skopje’s municipality Gazi Baba will train unemployed people how to find a job, free of charge. These are the annual plans of the local authorities. So, local authorities from Prilep have entitled 5 milion denars from the budget for 2012 for a social package for the socially endangered persons. This measure should soothe the unemployment in Prilep. Local authorities plan to engage around 100 citizens. The citizens will preform public jobs, they will renew the pavements, the zebra-crossings, they will clean and take responsibility about public parks, and will also take care about the riverbed. They will work everything in order to make the town more beautiful. For this activity the engaged people from Prilep will get monthly reimbrusemnet of nine thousand denars. The project will last six months, and according to the plan of the local authorities it is supposed to start in april. Accoridng to the information from the municipality they will collaborate with the Employment Agency about the persons being engaged. If interest is shown and the project is successful, the municipality plans to continue until the end of the year. If there is enough interest, as the authorities say , additional money will be provided from the municipality including a rebalance of the budget in july or august.

In 2009 Prilep had similar project in which several hundreds of people from Prilep were engaged in public utilities.

According to the Employmnet Agency’s data on the 30th of November 2011 there were 19402 unemployed citizens that were registered. In the same period in 2010 22326 persons were uneployed.

Unlike Prilep, local authorities from Skopje’s municipality Gazi Baba organized free training for unemployed persons titled ‘ Self-marketing for employment and generatig ideas for starting own business’. The training was scheduled for the end of january and it is dedicated to young unemployed persons. The authorities have the purpose of helping unemployed citizens to find jobs more easily, to improve their skills for better appearance on an interview and to develop ideas for starting own business. What is more, unemployed should learn how to write CV’s, motivational letters, personal action plan for developement, simulations for own business.

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