Roma women have possibility to use housing loans


Roma women feel greater obligation and take more care about wright usage of loans and payment of credits, points out Vasil Davaliev, executive officer in Microcredit Company Horizonti from Skopje


Housing credit, or the one for repairing, sanitation of roofs, windows, changing installations, outbuilding, and house reconstruction up to 150000 denars, especially for the population in Macedonia which lives in substandard conditions. Microcredit Foundation Horizonti from Skopje offers this kind of credit. Having in mind the target groups supported by the Foundation, a great number of users of this credit are Roma. But in order to be even more interesting the Foundation has very interesting policy – housing credit users are only Roma women.

Vasil Devaliev, executive officer of Horizonti Foundation explains why that is so:

-That is so because Roma women feel greater obligation i take more care for the wright usage of loans and payments of credits, points out Devaliev.

They say from the Foundation that Roma population finds out about their micro credits directly from the employed in the offices who contact with citizens from Roma settlements. The news mainly gets spread through word of mouth, without concrete campaigns and promotions. Micro credits are given in partnership with Habitat Macedonia Organization. On the 31st of December 2011 Horizonti has given 376 micro credits. 70% of the demanders are Roma. 100% of the clients are women at average age of 41.

Microloans are mostly given to users of small business loans with which Horizonti Organization started dealing in 2007. Microloans can be taken by citizens with Roma nationality that has some income, people who run small business.

Users can take another credit as soon as they pay the first one. Horizonti Foundation has opened offices in Skopje, Gostivar, Prilep, Bitola, Veles, Kochani and Strumica.

The Foundation offers credits for micro businesses, agricultural credits and housing credits. Up until now Horizonti has paid out more than 30000 credits for support and development of small businesses and needs of housing.



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