With which politician would you like to switch places and why?



If you had the chance would you switch places with any of the politicians? Probably in this country there is no mature citizen who has not thought about the subject and wouldn’t answer affirmative on this question/dilemma. The wishes are great, motifs different, and of course they all know what they would change, what they would do, what the people need and how that would be done. What really is surprising the preciseness of the perception for what Macedonia needs which unlike the one of the actual politicians is always ‘in place’.

It is interesting that most of the citizens would switch places with local politicians, in order to finally solve the problems they are facing with as unemployment, poverty… That probably comes out of the ineffectiveness and disinterest of current politicians to solve the problems. But there are those who consider that the biggest challenge is to be president of the USA for example or to be at the position of a dictator.

Severdjan (40) from Prilep for example would like to switch places with the Minister of Finance, in order to increase the budget for Roma and to provide better employment for them.

His fellow citizen Beti (36) wants to switch places with the Minister for Labor and social policy in order to provide better conditions for the users of social assistance and for the temporary employed to get permanent employment.

‘I want to switch places with the Minister for foreign affairs, Nikola Poposki, in order to represent Macedonia better’ – says Adnan (30) from Prilep.

Shenaj from Shtip would also switch places with Nikola Poposki because he thinks that the politician is weakly governing the foreign policy of Macedonia.

‘I would switch places with Gjorgje Ivanov because according to me he is the weakest politician in this country, he is a weak orator and he is representing us badly in the international community. He is the weakest link in VMRO – DPMNE’ – says Adem (44) Shtip.

Vanesa (21) from Shtip is one of the rare who wouldn’t like to switch places with any politician. According to her politics is a waste of time and variable thing.’ Today you can hold a high position, and tomorrow you could become nobody’ – says Vanesa.

Erol from Shtip (42) would switch places with Nikola Gruevski because of his position and the great decisive power about very important issues he has.

Miki (37) would also switch places with the Prime Minister Gruevski, because that way he could change all the deficiencies which the Prime Minister couldn’t, that is workers’ rights, housing rights and administrative rights.

Emran (25) from Shtip would switch places with the Minister for labor and social policy Spiro Ristovski, because according to him he is badly governing the Ministry.

‘With Branko Crvenkovski there wasn’t and won’t be better orator than him in Macedonia. He is well familiar with a lot of branches’ says Orhan (23) from Skopje.

Suzana (42) would switch places with Amdi Bajram.

‘I think that if I were at his position I would be able to fulfill all the authorities and functions on a much higher and more effective level’-claims she.

Krste (24) from Skopje doesn’t like politicians. But if he had to he would choose to be on a place of a dictator.

‘For example Fidel Castro from Cuba, because whatever I say would have to be like that’.- says Krste.

S.S. (48) from Skopje would switch places with the president of the USA, Barack Obama.

‘I would have the world on my palm’ – reckons (S.S.).


The survey was made by motivators Sara Sejfula, Marjan Asanovski, Nurija Dervishovski and Demirsha Osmanov.


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