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In a time when the pregnancy tests are frequently used, there is a lot of confusion – how to use them correctly, how safe are they, how do they work?


How does the pregnancy test work?

The HCG hormone is a substance which is measured with the pregnancy test. HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) is a hormone which appears in the earliest phase of pregnancy, grows rapidly in the 6th week, and reaches its peak from week 9 to week 12.


How much time should pass between the risky sexual intercourse until I make the test?

The pregnancy test will give you relevant results one week after the intercourse, or if the menstrual cycle is late by a day or two. If the pregnancy test is negative and you still suspect that you are pregnant or think that you have had risky sexual intercourse in the risky period of the month, then wait a few days and repeat the test.

The pregnancy test can give false results if you do it in a period when the menstrual cycle is delayed by two or three days, but if you do it when your menstrual cycle is late for more than five days, then it will certainly be correct.


It is important to know that it is a thin border of the level of the hormone that can be detected by the test, and that the hormone levels vary depending on the woman, so be patient and do the test somewhat later in order to get a reliable result.


Can the pregnancy test give a wrong result if I bought it a while ago, and didn’t use it?

If you paid attention to the storing method, the temperature and the humidity, then there won’t be a problem. But, the test may show a wrong result if the expiration date had passed!


Does the blurred line in some tests mean that I am pregnant?

Yes, the blurred line is a sign of pregnancy, and it occurs as a result of a low hormone level. But, regardless of this, it points out to pregnancy.


How much time is it necessary for the test to give a correct result?

There are a lot of sophisticated tests on the market today, which promise correct results even after a two-day delay of the menstrual cycle. It is important to know that the pregnancy test functions by detecting the level of HCG. Therefore, in order to have a correct result, you should wait for two weeks after the risky sexual intercourse, or one week after the delay of the menstrual cycle. The level of this hormone increases rapidly from day to day after the conception, as we already mentioned, so you should wait a while in order to be more sure.


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