Free examinations for pregnant women beneficiaries of social help


In the frames of the project “Through increased voice to better health services”, a working meeting was organized with representatives from health institutions, NGOs and journalists.


During the project activities in 2011, NRC organized focus groups, interviews and research with Roma women who have given birth from Kumanovo, Kocani, Stip, Kriva Palanka and Bitola. Part of the findings say that 50% of the Roma women who give birth don’t know their blood type and their RH-factor, don’t go on their examinations on time and face difficulties and complications as a result. Therefore NRC started a new project this year, with which we want to help all of the women from socially vulnerable families in the country to complete their doctor check-ups more easily during their pregnancy.

On the working meeting we reviewed the current findings and the real condition of the women beneficiaries of social help, as well as the possible ways for overcoming the problems they are facing during pregnancy.

Starting with the basic idea that preventive check-ups are better that the therapeutic ones, Dr. Gligor Tofoski presented the proposed package of services which contains four basic doctor visits which will provide the woman with healthy pregnancy and a healthy newborn.

The participants on the meeting stated that these women should be freed from paying the participation, considering that even 50 DEN could be a burden on the modest family budget of a person who is a beneficiary of social help,. Many possible solutions were discussed which could provide equality in the healthcare.

Dr. Brankica Mladenovic pointed out that this subject should be discussed with the representatives from the Ministry of health and the Ministry of labor and social politics, as well as from the Fund for health insurance in order to increase the package of health services and to provide, without participation, all of the additional examinations which the woman should have during her pregnancy.

It was concluded that it is necessary to upgrade some of the existing prevention programs with the Ministry of health. This measurement will provide the vulnerable categories with a free healthcare during the pregnancy. This is the only way to improve the quality of prenatal protection for the women in the country who are faced with social and financial difficulties.


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