Good health for all – one of the new 17 global goals


The goal of the United Nations campaign is to share the global goals with 7 billion people in 7 days.


In September 2015, the United Nations will adopt the sustainable and development goals, a series of ambitious targets in order to reduce the poverty, to fight against irregularities and to raise awareness for the climate changes. The campaign named as Global goals is consisting from 17 targets. Among them is the good health for all, as a third target. Goal number one is the battle against poverty, no hunger is the goal number two. Under goal number four is quality education, five is gender equality, six – clean water and sanitation. Clean energy is the goal number seven, good jobs and economic growth – eight, innovation and infrastructure is goal number nine. Under ten you can find the global goal to reduce inequalities, goal number 11 – sustainable cities and communities, 12 – responsible consumption, 13 – protect the Planet. Under 14 is the goal for life below the water, 15 – life on land, 16 – peace and justice and finally, goal 17 – partnership for the goals.


The campaigns ambition is to share the global goals with 7 billion people in 7 days. Every website, TV station, cinema, school, radio station, mobile phone, pinboard and milk carton will be put to use to make sure everyone knows about the new UN global goals. The more famous these global goals are, and the more widely understood they are – the more politicians will take them seriously, finance them properly, refer to them frequently and feel the pressure to make them work. This is a mission for humanity; unified goals that

resonate with everyone, everywhere. This is pointed out on the official web-page of this campaign. The link to it and the ways how you can be involved in the campaign is here:

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