How “expensive” is it to be pregnant today?!


A pregnant woman will be set aside by at least 1000 EUR


500 EUR for vitamins and even more for check-ups and the eventual preventive vaccines. This is the following order of the procedure: When the gynecologist informs you that you will become a mother, he will prescribe a therapy which, apparently, every pregnant woman should receive. But, as pregnant women have reported, none of these medicines can be bought with a prescription. This means, that you will begin with medicine containing folic acid. In the beginning you go to PRISCA (apparently a necessary testing for eventual problems with the fetus), for which you pay a participation (provided that you have a gynecologist’s appointment), which is 3500 DEN in a private clinic. You must do an RH factor, and if negative, you will receive two vaccines which cost 7000 DEN. Then there are the vitamins, and if you are lucky they will recommend the ones costing 350 DEN which you should take every month. The more expensive ones apparently cost 1000 DEN. You are also required to take magnesium which is 250 – 650 DEN… And then syrups and fluids for hemoglobin and iron.

Of course, we didn’t include the check-ups with your personal gynecologist for which they charge 300 DEN in 80% of the clinics, although they should be free of charge. Or they charge 600 DEN for a package which includes taking a blood test. The additional expenses are eventual bleedings or other problems during pregnancy which add to the costs.

This means that a pregnant woman will spend at least 1000 EUR during eight months …

Some gynecologists, who were contacted by zdravstvo24, say that the protocols should be respected, and it is up to the pregnant women if they take the vitamins or not …


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