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7th of April – World’s Health Day



In order to inform better about the gynaecological examinations and better inform about the rights that the Roma women have while pregnant, National Roma Centrum (NRC) from Kumanovo within the project „Through increased voice to better health services for the Roma women – continuationˮ has established three mobile info points in the Roma communities in Kumanovo, Stip and Kocani. The project in these three cities will be implemented till the end of this year and it has only one main goal – to provide a chance to those who are the most vulnerable – newborns and mothers.

Analyses made by NRC, based on data about the situation on a terrain gave a direction where should we cat and what kind of activities we must undertake. The lack of information, administrative obstacles and not recognizing their own health rights are problems that many Roma women are facing with. And not only them, but also other ethnic communities in a reproductive period. Especially those who are members of vulnerable families. The influence of the austerity, which is a world’s problem affects mostly the vulnerable mothers and newborns. That is why we are working to help the Roma community and women aged from 15 to 49. We cooperate with all relevant institutions to reach only one goal – to help where that is most needed.

„What services are free of charge and which ones their chosen gynaecologist may charge, which tests must be done during the pregnancy, to whom they can address in order to get free PAP test, how can they achieve better health services, how many times they need to visit gynaecologist during pregnancy, how can they choose a gynaecologist, why the health insurance is terminated?” These are some of the questions that Roma women and other affected citizens had asked to the info – points that National Roma Centrum (NRC) have opened in Kumanovo, Stip and Kocani, within the project „Through increased voice to better health services for the Roma women – continuation”.

Along with the raising awareness about the importance of information of our target group, about their rights, obligations and duties, but also of a health workers, we work on an analysis about the condition on terrain and seek for effective suggestions and solutions and how they can be implemented in practice, especially their preventive health services for pregnant women from Roma nationality, as well as socially vulnerable women in Republic of Macedonia. Decreasing the mortality of newborns is still a NRC’s priority and that we plan to do through monitoring the access to qualitative and guaranteed antenatal, prenatal and postnatal health services.

At the same time, a group of experts develops a methodology and along with the NRC’s team is trying to find the most effective solutions for realization of the preventive health services, that will be functional in practice and they will be used by the Roma women and by all women who from various reasons are in vulnerable position.

-The World’s Health Day, 7th of April is initiated by the World Health Organization in order to increase the awareness massively for health risks and problems that people are exposed on a global level. Each year, 7th of April is dedicated to a certain theme. Diet and food storage in a safe way is this year’s campaign. But, the reality takes us in another direction and we must asks ourselves: How many of the pregnant women that are economically and socially vulnerable have access to a healthy and safe food? One mother from Bitola says: For 50 denars, today I can buy a milk for my child, I cannot give these money for a gynaecological examination. Unfortunately, many mothers are forced to think and act that way. May the World’s Health Day this year unite people so that they can show solidarity to those who don’t have food, don’t have safe food and don’t have access to health services!, recommends Sebihana Skenderovska, coordinator of the project „Through a promotion of equal approach to qualitative and effective health services for all – continuation”.

We are all aware how important it is that the present and future mothers and their newborns eat healthy and safe food. But, we urge you all to think for a moment, how these mothers that are our target group in the project, and who survive with the money from the social welfare from 1.000 to 3.000 denars per months, and who can’t afford to pay one echo gynaecological examination feeding themselves and how difficult is for them to provide a piece of bread for their children?

Therefore, our motto is that the information, the data that will be transferred directly on a terrain, increasing the awareness through a campaign, monitoring and cooperation with all relevant institutions is the path towards the success for help to those who need the most.

All that to the general public, through detailed information about the project activities willbe published in the EDNO Magazine, an online platform of our project –


Happy 7th of April, World’s Health Day!


The project „Through a promotion of equal approach to qualitative and effective health services for all – continuation” is financed by the Foundation Institute Open Society Macedonia.


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