Measures for reducing the mortality of infants


Although ten conclusions were adopted in December 2012, none of them has been implemented in practice


In order to reduce the percentage of the mortality of infants and to find a solution for this problem, through a coordination with all the creators of health politics in the country, representatives of the Association of gynecologists from the Republic of Macedonia met with the representatives of the Sector for preventive healthcare in the Ministry of health in 2012. The gynecologists located the problem in all three sectors – Ministry of health, the Health insurance fund, and the Ministry of labor and social politics.

Ten conclusions were adopted on that meeting: (

The increase in the number of women who are registered in the reproductive period at the gynecologists through informative campaigns, educative campaigns for women in reproductive period in relation to the prenatal care and healthy life habits pre and post pregnancy (with the focus on the communities which have shown worrying indicators connected with the health of mothers and children) are part of those conclusions. On the meeting, it was also concluded that the importance of the patronage service should be increased since it is an important factor in the prenatal care, and with its bigger engagement and constant education of the patronage nurses, opening and reestablishment of the Center for reproductive health, where medical statistics would be conducted, as well as collecting, elaborating and analyzing the data for perinatal care (quality of services and indicators for the perinatal care on primary, secondary and tertiary level). Further conclusions are: revision of protocols, reducing or abolishing the participation for analysis during pregnancy, increasing the capitation point of the pregnant women for gynecologists at least 10 DEN. As a coordination between the gynecologists and the Commission for medical opinions which it issues for pathological continuity of the pregnancy, limitation of the choice and change of personal gynecologist during the course of one year in order to keep the dignity of the gynecologists and the rights of the doctors and re-actualizing of the regionalization of the maternity hospitals in Macedonia.

But, the Association of gynecologists of the Republic of Macedonia says that even after four years from the meeting, none of the adopted conclusions has been implemented in practice.

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