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Today the National Roma Centrum from Kumanovo presented the project “From increased voice to the improved health care access”. According to the officials from the organization this project has an aim to help the women who are beneficiaries of social financial welfare, who are unable to pay the participation for antenatal check-ups.

The coordinator from the NRC, Sebihana Skenderovska, explains that the target group are women aged 15 to 49, beneficiaries of social welfare, who are in their reproductive period.

“The researches show that these categories of women are rarely using these check-ups, according to the guidelines for antenatal controls which state that every woman should have ten antenatal check-ups” – says Skenderovska.

She explains that the percentage for participation, established by the Fund, is 20% for the services of secondary and tertiary protection, for which every woman should pay 2400 MKD.

The women in the country who are beneficiaries of social welfare must pay 300 to 500 MKD per month, which I consider to be a high sum, and because of this barrier the women don’t have regular check-ups” – says Skenderovska.

According to NRC’s researches, 50% of the Roma women don’t know their blood type, which can cause complications for the patients as well as for the doctors.

“According to our estimation, the state should set aside 50.500 EUR per year for the participation in the antenatal check-ups. We know that there is a world economic crisis, but the state should make this a priority and provide these funds for the patients who are citizens from a vulnerable category” – says Skenderovska.

Dr. Niso Tasov, Head of the Department for Gynecology and Obstetrics, says that awareness is a key factor for the protection of the health of pregnant women.

“The prevention is very important, and the patients should be educated about the possibilities they have related to the preservation of their health” – says Tasov.

This is one of the projects in realization by the National Roma Centrum, and it is a part of the many projects realized by the organization.

“NRC’s task is to promote the equal participation of the Roma in the society, through animation of the institutions on national and international level” – said Asmet Elezovski, manager of the NRC.


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