Newborn die from sepsis, last year’s number is already exceeded


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Macedonia can not only become again the European record holder for most infant deaths, but there’s also the danger that, when compared with last year, this one the number will be doubled.

According to the data from State Bureau of Statistics, in the first six months of 2013, there were 208 dead infants, out of which 103 were stillborn, and 105 were newborn. According to this monthly statistical report, there were 47 stillborn babies in the first, and 56 in the second trimester. 46 infants died in the first, and 59 in the second trimester.

Last year, Macedonia was on the top of the list of Eurostat’s table, regarding the death of infants, with a number of 212.

– These shocking data from the State Bureau of Statistics indicate that the state has not only exceeded the average over the past year in only six months, but that this number could increase by the end of the year – were the comments of gynecologists for TV NOVA, who wish to remain anonymous.

After TV NOVA  published the information, two weeks ago, that Macedonia once again is moving to the top of the countries where most newborns die, the Ministry of Health was very upset, raised an uproar and urgently convened a meeting of the Committee for Safe Motherhood where we verified the information.

The latest data from the State Bureau of Statistics show that the situation is even more alarming. According to the Bureau of Statistics last year, most infants died in the first six days after birth, and after 7 – 27 days after birth. But the striking fact is that most of them died from sepsis and infectious parasitic diseases.
According to the gynecologists, the reason for this situation are the bad health politics and lack of personal gynecologists, as well as lack of finances necessary for the realization of the programs intended for women during pregnancy.

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