Nutrition for infants


The infant’s meals should always be freshly prepared! It is also very important to prepare it in clean containers with clean hands!


What is the ideal food? The ideal food for your baby in the first six months of his life is breast milk. The exclusive breastfeeding means feeding the baby breast milk without adding any other liquids, such as tea, juice, water, milk etc. The premature introduction to additional food can cause allergies in some babies. At the same time it will make the baby to not want breast milk as often, and this will lead to a reduction of the amount of breast milk. After six months the child should continue with breastfeeding (it is preferable until the second year of the baby’s life) and then to be given extra food.

Additional food… what and when? The additional food should be introduced gradually, ie one to two teaspoons a day and it should not be introduced when the child is very hungry or ill. The food should not be blended, but mashed or cut in very small pieces in order to encourage the child to learn to chew.

The additional food should be diverse, rich in energy, proteins and vitamins. Fruits should be fresh and peeled, in the form of fruit broth or grated fruit. The vegetables should be in the form of juice or vegetable broth.

After the first year of the baby’s life, introduce the egg, first the hardboiled yolk and then the hardboiled egg white. Dairy products such as yogurt and sour milk, cheese and curd are to be introduced after the six month of a baby’s life. Then we introduce one teaspoon of oil or butter in every meal prepared with meat and vegetables. Honey should be introduced in the first year of the life the infant.

Which foods should be avoided? You should avoid foods high in sugar or foods with artificial sweeteners, biscuits, crackers, soft drinks, spices, ready-made juices, vinegar, tea. The infant’s foods should always be freshly prepared! Also, it is very important that it is prepared in clean containers and with clean hands!

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