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On the occasion of December 10 – Human Rights Day, the National Roma Centrum promoted the project “From increased voice to the improved health care access”.

This project aims to help women who are beneficiaries of social aid because they have financial difficulties and can not afford the participation for the check-ups during pregnancy. It results in the death of 9 infants per every 1,000 babies. The target group are women aged 15 to 49, who are in their reproductive period.

The women in this country, who are recipients of social welfare, should set aside 300 to 500 MKD per month, which I believe to be a high amount, and because of this barrier they don’t have regular check-ups. We appeal to the people who make laws, create policies, vote as parliamentarians and are representatives of ministries, to accept this amount to be covered by the state in order to improve the quality of the healthcare. – says Sebihana Skenderovska, project coordinator.

Niso Tasev, Head of the Department for Gynecology and Obstetrics at the General Hospital in Kumanovo, explains that the health of the women should be taken care of by their personal gynecologists, but the awareness must be raised to a higher level.

This campaign should continue with the doctors giving advices and with the distribution of brochures. It is true that the people are not informed enough, but I think that there should be more lectures regarding the check-ups which should be performed at least several times during the pregnancy in order to observe the blood count, the infections and especially to perform screenings from the 14th to the 20th week. – stated Tasev.

According to the guidelines from the Ministry of Health, each woman should have 10 check-ups before delivery.


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