Reduced prices for 202 medications starting from March 15th


Prices will be reduced for 202 medications starting from March 15th, out of which 92 are innovative, while the remaining 110 are generic medications.


This is the third reduction of the prices for medicines, after the bringing of the new methodology for establishing the maximum prices of medications in the state. Macedonia set a credible system for the regulation of the prices of medications which is functional and showing results.

This was announced one week ago by the Minister of Health, Nikola Todorov, who said that this third reduction is a serious confirmation that a great system is set up, which regulates the prices and is practically implemented, functioning and independent from the will of one man or from the people who run the system.

The best evidence, said the minister, are more that 1800 medicaments which have reduced their prices since the bringing of the methodology for maximum prices.

– This methodology will soon be put in practice in many other states in the region and wider, considering that it is a credible process and well thought of methodology which is implemented and well functioning without the need to withdraw certain medications from the market and without the lack of some medications and without very serious margins, said Todorov adding that the bringing of this methodology represents one of the key measurements in the serious fight against the corruption in the field of healthcare.

According to the minister, it is a measurement which is directly related to the reduction of the possible corruption in the healthcare.

– The proportional reduce of the prices for wholesales of medicines is 1 – 66% with a section of the medicines or the proportional reduce of prices is 16,06% for the innovative medicaments. The proportional reduce of retail prices is from 1% to 64,53% or 15,72% on average for retail prices. The overall saving for the innovative medicaments (according to the turnover for 2012) on an annual level will be 800 000 EUR, said Todorov.

There is also a significant reduction with the generic medicaments.

– The proportional reduction is from 1% to 57%, or 12% on average for generic medicaments on wholesale, while the proportional reduction for retail prices is from 1% to 54,21%, which is 10,5 on average. The overall saving for the generic medicaments (according to the turnover for 2012) on an annual level will be 1,5 million EUR, said Todorov.

The minister cited the example with the medicament for allergies in pills Aerius – 10 tablets of 5 milligrams, which price is reduced from 245 DEN to 106 DEN, which is 56,14% reduction.

The prices will be reduced for almost all pharmacodynamic areas, but mostly with the ones for oncological illnesses, medicaments against allergies, for lung illnesses, for osteoporosis, hormones and emotional illnesses.

The director of the Bureau for medicaments, Ilco Zahariev, said that the medicament Temodal, a product important for the treatment for brain carcinomas, is now more accessible for the patients.

He pointed out that the wholesale price for 5 capsules of 250 milligrams Temodal is reduced from 51 530 DEN to 17 505 DEN, or 66%, and the price for 5 capsules of 100 milligrams of the same medicament is reduced from 18 739 DEN to 8 000 DEN, or 57,3%.

– There is a reduction of the prices for the medicaments for cardiovascular diseases, part of the antibiotics, products for the treatment of gastro diseases, etc. There wasn’t even one company which had announced a withdrawal of any of the medicaments in October and at the present time. This shows that the system functions well and that there are enough medicaments. Also, none of the companies have closed their offices in Macedonia, said Zahariev.

Many neighboring countries, he adds, took Macedonia as a referent country in the segment of prices, which encourages us that the state has a well developed system which is giving results – a good reform, reduction of the prices for medicaments, no deficit, ie the system is functioning flawlessly.


Source: MIA


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