Researching the availability of health services and health workers


The Government adopted the Programme for active health protection of mothers and children in Republic of Macedonia for 2015, on 21 December last years


Field visits, patronage services, Roma health mediators, research on the availability of the reproductive health services particularly for citizens of vulnerable groups, how available are the health workers, as well as informative and educative campaigns for the citizens, focusing on the rural areas and the Roma communities.

These are the main measures predicted in the Programme for active health protection of mothers and children in Macedonia for 2015. The Government adopted this Programme on the meeting held on 21 December 2014 and it was put in use already the next day, with the announcement posted in the Official Gazette. Among other things, the Programme predicts:

„Preparing information on the health condition and protection of mothers and children with an adequate proposal-solutions for their improvement, focusing on the socio-economic variables. Functioning of a State Centre for Reproductive Health, preparing software for data storing and processing and preparation of perinatal report. Reporting of data for the death of every newborn and mother by the health institution and submitting them to the State Centre for Reproductive Health. Activities for promotion – informative-educative materials, brochure and counseling for the new parents, printing of Mothers Card and brochure for healthy pregnancy, education of the population and promotional campaigns – education of families in rural areas and Roma communities for the improvement of the health among children, vaccines, safe motherhood and adolescent health by the Roma health mediators and patronage services”. majka-te

In the segment for capacity building of the health workers that provide services for children and women in the reproductive period, the Programme predicts improvements in the General Hospital in Strumica, the Gynecology and obstetrics office in Cair, Skopje, where once a week they will also have to cover the Shuto Orizari municipality’s territory. During 2015, it is planned several regional workshops for the health workers to be organized.

The programme also predicts activities for early detection of sicknesses among newborn and toddlers.

„Introducing thyroid screening for every newborn baby in Macedonia, detecting methabolic deseases at 2000 children which are treated at the Clinic for child desease, neonatal screening of the hearing at newborns. Preventive checkups of newborns (three checkups at the third, the sixth and the ninth month), preventive checkups for children at the age between two and four, patronage services for newborns – five in average and two additional for families with high socio-economic risk and Roma families”.

According to the calculations in the Programme, these activity will cost 9,5 million denars. They will be provided by the State Budget.

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