Roma women from Kumanovo ask for free gynecological examinations


Posted on Kanal 5 television


Women beneficiaries of social help are unable to pay the participation for the examinations which are necessary during and after pregnancy.

The researches made by the National Roma Centrum show that a woman should pay 2.200 MKD for the ten check-ups necessary in the reproductive period, which is impossible for this category of citizens. The NRC is preparing an Action Plan which will be submitted to the relevant institutions and it will ask for the expenses to be covered by the state.

– Given that if the state agrees to cover the participation for these women, it should set aside 50.500 EUR per year, which is not a very high sum, and on the other side that will contribute to the quality of the antenatal protection, to the improvement of the quality and life of the newborns – stated Sebihana Skenderovska from the National Roma Centrum.

Besides the financial barriers faced by the women from the Roma population, who rarely visit a gynecologist, the doctors believe that these women should be more aware about the possible risks during pregnancy.

– They should be informed through brochures, lectures and by direct invitations to check-ups several times during the pregnancy, in order to observe their blood pressure, blood count, infections, and especially a screening – stated Niso Tasev, head of the Gynecology Department in the General Hospital – Kumanovo.

Because of insufficient medical treatment of the pregnant women many newborns are with anomalies, and even 9% of the newborns die.


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