The breastfeeding and its benefits


The newborns has to be breastfed exclusively in the first six months so that they can reach the optimal growth, development and health



The breastfeeding during the first six months with giving a solid food at least 12 months to two years is the ideal model for baby feeding. Here are some reasons that proves the health, physiological, economical and ecological benefit of breastfeeding:

1.Mother’s milk is more digestible than the formula for infants.

2. The breast feeding reduces the danger of breast cancer among mothers, as well as reduces the danger of ovaries cancer. doenje

3. The babies that are breastfeeding help their mother’s uterus to shrink after the labor.

4. Mother’s milk is always available. It takes time to prepare the formula for babies.

5. The mother’s milk contains antibodies against different diseases and helps in development of the immune system of the newborn baby.

6. The breastfeeding also satisfies the emotional needs of the baby and the mother-baby bond is increasing more and more.

7. The World Health Organization and the UNICEF are recommending the breastfeeding.

Globaly, the public health recommendation is that the babies should be breastfed in the first six months of their lives so that they can reach their optimal growth, development and health.

8. Baby formula increases the risk of diabetes.

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