The immunization started in Petocna Voda


Published in Newspaper Vecer


For the ninth year in a row, Bitola has been implementing the European Immunization Week, especially with the Roma population, which is not regular with the vaccination of their children. On April 22nd – 27th 2013, the Center for public health and the Health Institution conducted an education and shared information about the importance of the vaccination, and today they put that into practice in the locality of Petocna Voda on Bair.

“In the Republic of Macedonia the vaccination is legal and obligatory. That is why we came on the field to perform vaccinations where they have been left out” – said Dr. Liljana Milevska from the Center for public health.

This field activity aims to discover the irregularly vaccinated children, the children who have never been vaccinated and the children that have moved here from another city and so do not exist in the immunization list of the Health Institution.

“Every child has a right to be vaccinated when it gets born. This year the number has decreased and we have 50 children from preschool age” – says Trajanka Lalevska from the Health Institution.

The nurses from the patronage service are directly involved in the mapping process.

“The main activity this week is to discover the children who have not been vaccinated. But we have a problem with the parents who, with their children, go to work in the wastes in Resen and Ohrid and we can’t find them. Those cases are causing the problems when it comes to doing the controlling” – says Elizabeta Vasilevska from the patronage department.

If the parents don’t vaccinate their children after two invites, they get registered in the Sanitary Health Inspectorate which executes the fines which are amounting up to 500 EUR.

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