The Info – points raised many questions


The Roma community in Kumanovo, Stip and Kocani pointed out that is not well informed, nor knows where to address their problems regarding their basic health rights



„What services are free of charge and which ones their chosen gynaecologist may charge, which tests must be done during the pregnancy, to whom they can address in order to get free PAP test, how can they achieve better health services, how many times they need to visit gynaecologist during pregnancy, how can they choose a gynaecologist, why the health insurance is terminated?” These are some of the questions that Roma women and other affected citizens had asked to the info – points that National Roma Centrum (NRC) have opened in Kumanovo, Stip and Kocani, within the project „Through increased voice to better health services for the Roma women – continuation”.

„Based on my meetings with the families I have reached a conclusion that some women during their pregnancy have visited gynaecologist once or twice. Therefore, it is important to inform them about the regular gynaecological check-ups and we must inform them about their rights and obligations”, informs Sabina Asanova, responsible for informing the Roma community at the info – point in

„Insufficient informing about the contraceptive measures and the habit of not using them leads to unwanted pregnancy, that in the most cases ends with an abortion. There are many cases among the young Roma women that are choosing the abortion at least once a year”, concludes Fatima Ramadanovska, responsible for informing the Roma community at the info – point in Kumanovo. She also stresses out that there is a need for greater information of the patient’s and health rights among Roma women.

„The lack of financial sustainability, many pregnant women do not visit gynaecologist on a regular basis and they cannot afford to do the check-up for the trimester in Skopje, which is mandatory because of the detailed examination of the baby”, informs Serdjat Idikj, responsible for informing the Roma community at the info – point in Kocani.

The info – points are established with one main goal – to improve and to increase the information about the gynaecological check – ups and introducing the rights of the Roma women during their pregnancy. NRC assessment proved correct and on time because the communities in all three cities showed that they are not well informed or are not informed at all, nor knows where they can address their problems in order to achieve their basic health rights.


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