The National Roma Centrum is asking for a bigger support for pregnant women


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Skenderovska: The antenatal examinations are expensive for the socially vulnerable categories

“From increased voice to the improved health care access” is the title of the project which is being realized by the National Roma Centrum from Kumanovo. It has an aim to help the women who are recipients of social welfare and are unable to pay the participation for antenatal check-ups.

The coordinator of the project, Sebihana Skenderovska, says that the researches show that women aged 15 – 49 don’t go to antenatal check-ups.

–       Every woman must pay 2.400 MKD for services of secondary and tertiary protection, according to the participation percentage established by the Fund. The target group – women recipients of social welfare must pay 300 – 600 MKD. This is the reason why they don’t have regular check-ups. The sum is very high, and they can’t afford it – said Skenderovska.

She explained that the National Roma Centrum has information that 50% of the women don’t know their RH-factor. And according to the estimations of this organization, the state should provide around 50 000 MKD (EUR) for antenatal check-ups.

The gynecologist Niso Tasev, Head of the Department for Gynecology and Obstetrics at the General Hospital in Kumanovo, emphasized that there is a lack of information necessary to protect the health of the pregnant women.

–       The campaign should have an advisory function such as educational lectures for the patients. In that way we will raise awareness for regular check-ups – said Tasev.

The promotion of the project was on the occasion of December 10, Human Rights Day, with health as a basic human right.


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