The national screening program for early detection of breast cancer has began


The mammographic screening, which is free of charge for each woman is a periodical monitoring examination of mammography of apparently healthy women without symptoms of cancer present, in order to detect the disease in its preclinical stage.



The minister for health Nikola Todorov, on a press conference at the begging of April said that the mammography screening will be organized in 17 health institutions throughout the country, that are equipped with mammography devices, among which are health institutions Zeleznicar and Skopje, the City general hospital 8 September, health facility Zelezara, health institutions in Negotino, Vevcani, Sveti Nikole, Kratovo, Resen, Berovo, Pehcevo, the general hospitals in Veles, Strumica, Struga and Kicevo, as well as clinical hospitals in Bitola and Tetovo.

He pointed out that in this action will be included as well the Clinic for surgical diseases Sv. Naum Ohridski, as well as hospitals in Ohrid, Prilep, Kavadarci, Kocani and Stip for which there is an ongoing purchase for new mammography machines. They will be purchased with the money they had secured with their savings from the insulin purchase and stripes for measuring the insulin level in blood. He explained that the screening will be done by trained technologists and doctors specialized in the field of radiology.mamo

Out of nearly 200 screenings, in the general hospital in Strumica were conducted 20 screenings, in the clinical hospital in Bitola – 15, at the Clinic of radiology – 17, Health centre Resen – 20, Health centre Kratovo – 19, Health centre – 20 screenings and only on 7th of April, there were 92 screenings done.

– Initially, the mammographic screening will include women aged 50 years (around 14,000 women) who are in the group of asymptomatic women (apparently healthy) and women who, according to data from the system MojTermin, did mammography control in the last two years. It is planned to invite for mammography screening around 250.000 women aged 50-69 by the end of 2016, said Todorov.

At first, he said, the institutions invite the women by telephone and after that the practice of written announcement with addressed invitation for every woman will be established.

He emphasized that the examinations are scheduled in specific terms, and usually the terms on working days terms are after 2 pm, and some institutions are scheduling terms during the weekends, too.

-In average, in the institutions where there is a larger number of doctors – radiologists, there are around 160 terms for mammography screening per month, while in other, around 80 terms per month. The chosen doctors are already informed about this activity and additionally we will prepare some educational materials in order to increase the turnout of the women. Every interested woman that fits in the category for screening can address to the Ministry for health on (02)15 444 or send a message via mail –  and leave information for contact, said Todorov.


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