The polyvalent vaccines will reduce the pricking even twice


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The polyvalent vaccines will reduce the pricking among children till 18 months old even twice. Instead of 13 times of pricking, babies will visit the immunization centres only seven times.

According to the paediatricians, this is only one advantage of the introduction of the new vaccines. Starting from August, all children between two and five months will have to get purified hexavalent vaccine that will protect them from diphtheria, tetanus, cough, polio, hepatitis B and haemophilus influenza that causes meningitis.

-With the introduction of the polyvalent vaccines, despite the reduction of the number of pricking, the stress among babies and parents will be reduces as well. The benefits are tremendous, says doctor Aspazija Sofijanova, a president of the Pediatric association and the director of the children’s clinic in Skopje.

Doctor Sofijanova claims that up until now, no country who is using the polyvalent vaccines did not report major unwanted reactions.

-There is almost none unwanted reactions from the usage of the polyvalent vaccines, adds doctor Sofijanova.

The polyvalent vaccines will be available in Macedonia starting from September. The babies with 3, 5 and 18 months will have to take these vaccines. Up until the age of year and a half, the children will be pricked twice with the fivevalent and twice with the hexavalent vaccines.

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