The socially vulnerable women don’t have enough examinations


Television – Kanal 8 Kocani


The socially vulnerable women don’t have equal access to the prenatal health services, although their lives can depend on them. This is the reason why they are the target group of the project, which is being implemented by the National Roma Centrum from Kumanovo, and with which we will find a way to establish a free package of these services.

In the project “Through increased voice to better health services”, we have addressed the Roma women from Kocani and four more other cities in the state, with who we work on raising the public awareness on the unequal treatment and the lack of access to the services in the time of pregnancy.

What we strive for and want to achieve is for the state to provide the socially-economic vulnerable women a free package, ie with no fees even for the basic participation which exists according to the present health system.

–       Sebihana Skenderovska, Coordinator of the project

You can read more about this on the link from the website of Kanal 8 television from Kocani

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