The telemedicine started its functioning in Macedonia


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The telemedicine started its functioning in Macedonia. The clinics from Skopje are connected with five hospitals from Macedonia.

A patient from Bitola had a very high blood pressure. His health got worse, so he asked for help in in the Clinic hospital, where they kept him for further treatment, announced Sitel. Through a video link, the internist from the hospital in Bitola consulted a colleague from Cardiology about the condition of the patient and further examinations.

– How is the patient? – asked the assistant Doctor Marijan Boshevski, a cardiologist at the Clinic of Cardiology.

– His questions were answered by dr Petar Avramovski, an internist in the clinic hospital in Bitola. Dr Boshevski suggested a few more examinations.

The telemedicine project was announced two weeks ago by the Minister of Health, Nikola Todorov, who, today, connected the doctors from the Clinic of Cardiology with their colleagues from several hospitals from Macedonia.

-We found the file of the patient, he was our patient. We inserted a stent in him, so there is no need for him to go to Skopje. He should only come to the scheduled appointment, said Dr Bekim Pocesta from the Clinic of Cardiology, in a conversation with his colleague from the hospital in Strumica.

The goal of the project is not to send the patients in Skopje for additional examinations, and to improve the communication between the doctors.

50 specialists from Skopje will communicate every week with their colleagues from the Clinic hospitals from Bitola, Shtip and Tetovo, and from the hospitals from Strumica and Veles, wrote Sitel.
This is the first phase of the project. In the second phase, the doctors from Skopje will review the patients’ X-rays with their colleagues from other cities, through a video link.

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