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What is the recommended weight gain during pregnancy and why are the kilograms increasing so rapidly?

The most important thing for every pregnant woman is the wellbeing of the baby, but there are also the questions regarding the physical appearance of the woman and the normal weight gain during pregnancy.

The whole story about weight gain is an individual one. Some women vomit during the first three months, so they lose kilograms at first, while others, driven by their mind and consciousness, start eating more and gain weight which is unnecessary in the early pregnancy.

This article describes the increase in weight in pregnant women who didn’t have the symptom of vomit.

First trimester

If you haven’t had a problem with vomiting, you could gain 1,5 kg until week 12, i.e. around 15% of the expected weight gain during the whole pregnancy. The ideal weight gain in this period is around 2 kg.

Second trimester

In the next three months you should expect a body weight increase of 25% of the total weight gain during pregnancy.

The ideal weight gain in the 16th week is around 2,5 kg more than the initial weight.

From week 20 to week 24 the baby and your weight gain grow the most. During this period, you could gain 0,5 kg a week. The ideal weight in week 20 of the pregnancy is 3 kg, and in week 24 it is 4,5 kg.

Third trimester

During the third trimester you will probably gain the remaining 60% of the total pregnancy weight gain. The ideal weight gain in week 28 is 9 kg more than the initial weight.

In week 32 you should gain less weight, although the baby continues to grow intensively. The ideal weight gain up to this period is 11 kg.

By week 36 the weight gain should decrease, or even disappear.  The ideal weight gain up to this period is around 12 kg.

In week 40 you could lose a bit of weight, which is a sign that your baby is ready to come out. The ideal weight gain in week 40 is the same as in week 36 – 12 kg more than your initial weight.



Pregnancy week

Weight gain up to that week


1,5 – 2 kg


2,5 kg


3 kg


4,5 kg


9 kg


11 kg


12 kg


12 kg


The acquired weight is consisted of:

  • 9% placenta;
  • 38% baby weight;
  • 22% blood, other fluids;
  • 20% uterus, breast tissue, butt, legs;
  • 11% amniotic fluid.

If you’ve gained around 13 kg during your pregnancy, you shouldn’t have a problem losing the extra weight.



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