Ten Organizations submitted a report to the United Nations


It is necessary to respect the obligations from the ratified international agreements and from the national legislation which regulates the health rights area, pointed the Association ESE, which led the process in which the civic organizations prepared the shadow report about human rights.


The Republic of Macedonia will report about the condition of human rights on the 18th session (January/February 2014) in front of the Human Rights Council in the second period of the universal periodic review. This information was released on the official website of the High Commissioner for Human Rights at the United Nations. This is especially important because it opened the possibility of filing a shadow report by civic society organizations as a mechanism for checking the extent of the fulfillment of the obligations to which the countries – members of the United Nations are committed by signing international agreements in this area.

Everything started from this information. ESE – Association for emancipation, solidarity and equality for women in the Republic of Macedonia initiated a collaboration between several civic society organizations in the country for a development of the report. The preparation included various consultations, trainings and meetings for directions and preparation of a document in order to achieve as better results as possible.

The purpose of the preparation of this document, as declared by the representatives of ESE, is to raise awareness among the competent authorities in Macedonia about the need for respect to the obligations which arise from the ratified international agreements and the national legislation regulating the health rights area and to take steps aimed at the improvement of the situation in this area.

The organizations which joined in the development of this shadow report, organized by ESE, are: civic society organization KHAM, the Coalition “Sexual and health rights of the marginalized communities”, the Association for health education and research HERA, HOPS, LGBTI Support Center – Helsinki Committee for Human Rights from Macedonia, the National Roma Centrum – Kumanovo, The Republic Center for Support of Persons with Intellectual Disability – Poraka, Roma resource center, Roma organization for multicultural affirmation – Roma SOS Prilep, and Open Gate – La Strada.

Each of the organizations contributed in accordance with the areas in which they operate. The National Roma Centrum (NRC) presented the researches of their previous work in the field of health rights, or the rights in the sexual and reproductive health. The NRC helped with the report with the following studies:

–       Summary and recommendations for applied policies for reducing the healthcare inequalities in the prenatal and postnatal care for Roma women in Macedonia


–       Report from focus groups and interviews for services in the reproductive period


–       Prosperity and health of Roma women A road to challengeshttp://www.nationalromacentrum.org/mk/publikacii/istrazuvanja/publication/.

NRC gave a special contribution in the part of the report named health rights from the perspective of various vulnerable groups, as a National Roma Centrum at first, and afterwards in collaboration with the Roma resource center, the civic society organization KHAM and the Roma organization for multicultural affirmation – ROMA SOS Prilep.

The shadow report was officially sent on June 21st, 2013.

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