Western Balkan Governments must provide health protection to Roma


This is one of the recommendations of the fifths Forum of civil society, organized by the European economic and social comity


The Governments are encouraged to work towards employment of  Roma and to provide them to be more present in the public administration. The Western Balkans are  encouraged to secure progressive implementation of the rights tied to education, health protection, employment and housing. The EU member states should pay more attention in their national strategies for Roma integration, especially to pay more attention for integration of the Roma migrants that are coming from Western Balkan countries, it is said in the Final declaration. These are recommendations of the fifth Forum of the civil society of the Western Balkans. With a support by the European Commission, the Forum was organized by the European economic and social committee and it was held in Belgrade on 2nd and 3rd of June this year. EESC represents the economic and social components of well organized civil society in the European Union.

The National Roma Centrum was part of the agenda of the Forum for perspectives of EU and of the Western Balkans, with a statement for minority rights, with special attention to the representatives of the Roma community. The NRC’s recommendations are part of the adopted final declaration in which it is recommended that the state officials must take stronger actions in partnership with the civil society organizations for better protection of the minority rights. Especially, for strengthening the implementation of the action plans for Roma people.

The Final declaration on English can be found on the following link: http://www.eesc.europa.eu/?i=portal.en.events-and-activities-5th-western-balkans-civil-society-forum-df.35978

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