USA as an independent observer of the Roma Decade

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Paul Wohlers, American ambassador in Macedonia says that only Washington will decide how the USA will be involved in the Decade. According to ex-Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski the inclusion of America will accelerate things.

The United States of America are going to join the Roma Decade as an independent observer. This was formalized in Bulgaria by State Secretary Hilary Clinton.

“I am proud to announce that the United States of America will join the Roma Decade as an official observer. This dedication is accepted by European governments and will help to improve the opportunities for Roma people in order for them to participate more actively in the political, social, economic and culture life of their communities”. This was pointed out by Clinton during her visit of Sofia, Bulgaria on the fifth of February, where she participated on a round table with young Roma professionals and added:

“Roma people are isolated and marginalized for a very long time, they are prevented in their efforts to contribute to their societies with their talents. This is a critical question of human rights and it affects millions of men, women and children on the continent”.

The next day the Secretariat of the Decade in Budapest warmly welcomed the USA in the family of countries who signed and are implementing the Decade of Roma inclusion 2005-2015 through an announcement. The announcement stated:

“The Decade of Roma inclusion is a unique forum which gathers Governments, international organizations and civil society on one place in order to underline the exclusion of the Roma community. Seven years after the initiative started it is time to intensify the collaboration and synergy between the partners of the Decade and finally to turn the dedication into results. We encourage all countries from western Europe to remove discrimination and to close the unacceptable differences between Roma people and the rest of the society”, says the announcement of the Secretariat of the Decade in Budapest.


However there are still open questions why is USA joining the Decade exactly now, seven years since it started being implemented and how will the joining of the USA influence the Roma Decade?

Paul Wohlers, American ambassador in the Republic of Macedonia says that for the significance and influence of the USA on the activities of the Decade will be decided on the highest level.

-We have a problem with budgets. That is a global problem. Washington will mostly decide how will the USA contribute to the Decade, reckons Wohlers.

According to the foreign Prime Minister and signatory of Roma Decade from Macedonia Vlado Buckovski, the inclusion of the most powerful country in the Decade can only accelerate the fulfillment of the goals determined seven years ago.


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