Sultana Salihi still searches for a way to determine her civil status


The story of Sultana’s problem with her ID card and citizenship goes on

Sultana Salihi has spoken several times to the authorities in Kumanovo and Skopje in order to get citizenship and an ID card. The National Roma Centrum also joined this process with financial and legal help. Up until now she has a birth certificate filed by an office in Gjorche Petrov in Skopje in September 2011, as her first personal document even though she was born in 1985 in village Zlokukjani, Skopje.
With NRC’s help Sultana spoke to SVR Kumanovo and filed a demand for citizenship. The Office in Kumanovo denied the demand with the explanation that she exists in the system as a citizen, but she does not have an address so they can’t issue a citizenship.
They directed her to go to Skopje. The Office in Skopje authorized for issuing citizenships replied that they cannot issue a citizenship as long as she doesn’t have an ID card.
They directed her in Kumanovo to get an ID card with an address of the home of her extramarital partner with whom she has 3 children. Neither of her parents is not present which is a condition for issuing first ID card. She only has a copy of their documents.
After coming back in SVR Kumanovo, she got the answer that she can’t be issued an ID card because she is not married with the person she lives with and was directed in Skopje again.
Baring in mind that the person is without documents for identification, NRC sent an appeal to the authorities in SVR Kumanovo and Skopje to coordinate as soon as possible and to call the applicant and enable her to regulate her civil status.
The story of Sultana Salihi was initially published in EDNO on the 26.12.20011


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