The actress Kurtishova was not allowed to go to Germany only because she is Roma

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The young and reputable actress Emra Kurtishova, constantly employed at the Theatre for Children and Youth in Skopje, yesterday shared  the scandalous story with the public on her Facebook account, which she experienced on the day when she was supposed to travel to her ​​sister in Germany.


“Today I was supposed to travel to my sister at Konstanz – Germany, from the required documentation I carried a confirmation from work, a guarantee letter which stated that my sister will support me financially (a copy, since the city she lives in does not issue guarantee letters, but it had a stamp from the city) and 500 EUR in cash. The employee at the passport control estimated that the guaranteed letter is not valid, so I gave him the confirmation from work, he started thinking for a while, asked me where the Theatre for Children and Youth is, I explained it to him…. Then he asked me if I had any money, I told him the sum and he told me that that is not enough, at the same moment he got up and took me in a room so that he could invalidate the ticket and made a copy of the passport, got me off the bus and told me to wait for my luggage. I was the only one they returned! Why do I have a passport when I am not allowed to leave the state?!” asked Kurtishova resignedly.

Mirjana Najchevska commented on her Facebook profile that this is classic discrimination:

“This is a direct discrimination. They should go to trial for this immediately, and the border police will have to prove that what they did was not discrimination. However, considering her status, I think that Emra should use the case and go further. The international structures which deal with discrimination should be alarmed, because the state continues with its systematic persecution against the Roma”, wrote Najchevska.

Vladimir Milchin also reacted.

“Emra is an excellent actress and a wonderful person. She was discriminated today only because she is Roma. Emra is constantly employed at the Theatre for Children and Youth. She has a sister who lives in Germany and who invited her to be her guest. She has cash. And an air ticket. But that is not enough. The police enforce strict practices upon the Roma. What Emra went through is discrimination. It is even more brutal because she lost 200 EUR which she gave for the invalidated ticket. The pain expressed with the cry: Why do I have a passport when I am not allowed to leave the state? Emra should seek help from the Ombudsman and the Helsinki Committee for human rights in the Republic in Macedonia, to file a complaint and seek damages for the destroyed ticket and the suffered pain. And she should write an open letter to the Minister of Interior and send it to the media. This did not happened at an entrance in the EU, but on a territory which has Emra Kurtishova as a citizen!”, reacted Milchin.


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