The portraits of Durmish Kazim are exhibited in Brussels


Kazim, an artist from Macedonia who lives in Belgium, managed to be a part of an exhibition because the Employment Agency in Brussels offered him the opportunity to present his artwork


Durmish Kazim is a 30 year old graduated sculptor from Macedonia who has been living in Brussels, Belgium for three years. He recently participated in a group exhibition in this European Centre called “Parcours d’Artistes”, a traditional exhibition which happens once every two years. In 2010 he graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts. At the moment he is working on orders he takes from home. He works on portraits and sculptures. The art for him, as he says, is a way of life. He considers himself born to create and think conceptually.

ONE  How did it come to your participation in the exhibition?

DURMISH KAZIM  I came to the exhibition after I received a permission to live in Brussels eight months ago. I started looking for a job, and the Employment Agency sent me to a place where I live in Brussels, in the Forest Centre Culturel. I presented my artworks there and they accepted me. So I started getting prepared for the exhibition which took place on May 16 – June 1, 2014 in Brussels, in Saint Gilles and Forest Place Saint-Denis 9 B 1190. I participated with six huge portraits painted with dry pastel, with the theme “Portraits of Roma – fascism”.

ONE What do you paint? Only portraits? What technique do you use?

DURMISH  I am  a graduated sculptor. But, I also paint. That is my great obsession. I paint portraits and other things. I use the technique dry pastel. That technique is in my heart. It simply fulfills me.

ONE  What inspires you?

DURMISH  Books inspire me. Also, I am inspired by nature, natural shapes, the emotions of people I meet everyday.

ONE  Did you have a success as an artist in Macedonia?

DURMISH  My successes in Macedonia are the following – art high school “Lazar Lichenoski” where I started, then the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje as high quality institutions which are responsible for me being the person I wanted to be.

ONE  Are there still Roma artists (painters, sculptors) in Macedonia and can a person acquire some kind of fame in Macedonia with this profession?

DURMISH  I don’t think there are other Roma artists, and getting famous in Macedonia is science fiction.

ONE  What about abroad? Is it easier to be famous as an artist?

DURMISH  Some factors are also important here – money, communication skills, good charisma, perseverance, knowledge, good manners, etc. Of course, people here do not care whether you are a Rome or something else. The good difference is that if 1000 people visit my exhibition in Macedonia, here it will be visited by at least 10 000.

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