She found her real identity after 22 years


Twenty-six year old girl from Kumanovo and her right

Sultana Saljihi is 26 years old and until recently she didn’t exist for the institutions in Macedonia. She had no identity. She had no right to state benefits, the right to vote or to be medically treated.

She lives in Kumanovo and is the mother of three children. She started the search of her real name and identity four years ago. For 22 years had Sultana thought that her name was completely different.

– I was born in Skopje. But my parents left me and went abroad. I have always thought that my name was Tema, retells Sultana.

She also became a parent. The care about her children, their health, education and the survival of the family are the main realistic reasons why Sultana decided to find her identity.

– In the institutions I went to, under the name Tema and the data I had it was stated that the child was dead born. When I asked, my parents also couldn’t remember my real name. During my investigation, my grandfather told me that my name was not Tema but Sultana. When I checked it turned out that the information was true, says 26 year old girl from Kumanovo.

With the assistance form the National Roma Centrum from Kumanovo, Sultana was evidenced in the official documents, and was issued a birth certificate and ID card, and also started the procedure for getting the citizenship.

-I am very happy because now I have the right. I have the right to state benefit and health insurance. This is so important for me but also for my children. The next step is to get documents for my children, because they were also not evidenced in the system, although they go to school, adds Sultana joyfully.


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